We offer our clients multiple ways to move forward financially and operationally with their project. This allows us to provide a range of services to suit all budgets and needs. 

Lump Sum:

We will provide you with a detailed estimate based on working drawings. This will include a fixed price for the complete scope of work, including management fee, work of all subcontractors and tradespeople, with allowances for different levels of finishing. Any agreed changes to the scope of work will be charged on a change order basis throughout the duration of the project. 

Project Management:

This method allows us to charge a project management fee that is established at contract signing and ensures no hidden cost surprises. This also allows you to be as involved in the project as you like – deciding on tradespeople, including framing, plumbing, mechanicals, electrical, HVAC, finishes. Trades are taken to tender on your behalf to ensure that you receive the best service at the best prices, and we will review these with you to ensure you make the best choices. This provides you freedom as well to shop for finishes, such as appliances, flooring, light and plumbing fixtures. These are quoted directly to you from the supplier of your choice, resulting in no marks ups to costs. 

We will act as your consultant to ensure the project flows smoothly, minimise costs and attend to all details of the project. This is the right option for clients who have time and interest in being closely involved in every step of their build.