Seasonal changes impact our bodies.

Seasonal changes impact our bodies to suit either the cooler or warmer temperatures. The strength of the sun can also affect our skin tone. This means that it's important to be mindful of the slightest alteration in colour/tone, since we might need to alter the shades of make-up that we use.

Changing eye and lip colours to suit the summer/winter fashions is already something to be expected. I think that being able to maneuver subtle changes to your make-up regimen (like a darker lip or a more defined cat-eyes) is simple enough if you already use a natural-looking palette.

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Subtle changes to make-up bases are also key to maintaining a flawless look.

If you're like me and your skin undergoes a slight change in tone during the changing seasons, you may need to do a little bit of colour matching, especially with concealers that you may use to disguise those pesky dark under-eye shadows. A concealer that is even one shade darker than your usual tone can easily make you appear older or exhausted. It can also emphasize the area that you're trying to hide. With under-eye concealers, it's important to get a subtle lightness to promote a more vibrant, well-rested look.

I am a fan of the Hidden corrective concealer range by Hourglass cosmetics. They are weightless, moisturizing and easy to apply. They are free from nasty parabens, phthalates and fragrance, which are among my main concerns for skincare and make-up. For ladies on the go, the concealer stick is portable enough for quick and clean touch-ups that are easy to blend using brushes or fingers.

In summer when my skin is a shade darker, I tend to favour using the Tan shade.

In the winter months, I discovered that my skin tone is more suited towards the Sand shade. Both concealers we're chosen, as they complement the olive/yellow undertones in my skin.

The Hourglass corrective concealer range retails for $48. The skincare gurus at Mecca Cosmetica can guide you towards the best shade for you.

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