You are a dreamer

You are a dreamer and you dream of having the ideal job, one that you are passionate about, gives you the lifestyle you are looking for, and pays you what you believe you deserve. The question is how do become your own boss?

The Paradigm Shift

One of my mentors shifted my paradigm when he taught me the concept called The Power of 2. My mentor pointed out that there are a multitude of ways to add two numbers together so that they equal 2. For example, we all know that 1 + 1 equals two. Likewise, if you add positive 3 plus negative 1, you'll come up with the number 2. I am sure if I challenged you to find five more ways to add two numbers together that sum to the number 2, you can easily come up with an answer. The point to the concept is that there are lots of ways that will get you to a goal. The trick is to understand the nature of your goal.

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If you are interested in becoming your own boss, you can do so in many ways. We can use The Power of 2 to list different methods for answering the question, How do I become my own boss?

Four Ways to Become Your Own Boss

Immediately, I can think of four methods of becoming your own boss. These methods include working your way up the career ladder, starting your own unique business, obtaining the license to sell a particular product or becoming a franchise owner. Each method has it's distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Which is method best for you?

In order to decide which method is best for you, we will need to understand more about you. We will need to understand what brings you the most meaning in life. What hours do you like to work? Do you like managing people or do you prefer to work on your own? Do you love spending time with friends and family in the evening, and attending family events on the weekends? What gets you most excited in your job now? Do you love hitting financial goals or helping others attain success? What drives you? Do you have a passion for people or a passion working with your hands? The answers to these questions can help you define the best and most logical path to success.

Other aspects to consider includes the level of experience you have in running all aspects of a business. How much direction you will you need in starting or running a business? Do you love creating your own business models or would you prefer following a proven system? Also, consider your ramp up period. Do you need to ramp up your business quickly or do would you rather learn from trial and error?

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