The Twitter Manual for Your Business

The Twitter account should maintain a similar appearance and style as any other web presences established for the business. The username selected for the Twitter account should identify as closely as possible with the brand. If the business name is taken, choose one that reflects the identity of the business as much as possible. It will reinforce branding, and help customers identify the brand.

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If you didn't know, Twitter has a 15 character limit when choosing a username. When I was choosing a username for Entrepreneurhood I was so disappointed to find out about the limit because Entrepreneurhood has 16 characters in the name. To keep my brand and appearance consistent as best I could, I came up with @Entrehood for our username.

Choosing a Profile Picture

The photo uploaded for the profile picture should be either a company logo, or in the case of a small business, a photo of the owner. Each has it's benefits. A business logo can reflect a degree of professionalism, while a photo ads a personal touch. It gives the impression that the business is approachable. The profile pictures are small therefore, it is best to use a face shot when uploading a personal photo. Otherwise, the picture will be difficult to see. When using a company logo, it should be re-sized to assure that no portion of it is cropped off so that it remains readable. Keep in mind that the Twitter profile picture size can only be 8181 px.

I can't stress it enough that brand consistency is so important. That's why the Twitter profile picture for Entrepreneurhood is a symbol from our website's logo.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your logo is worth that much and more to your business. Take a look at, "Your Logo: the Face of Your Business", and find out if your current logo is the best choice for your brand.

Designing the Profile Page

Twitter provides options that allow the user to customize the colors of their profile page. A graphic can also be uploaded that will serve as the background of the profile. This provides the business an opportunity to creatively express what they're all about and present an image to visitors. Displaying a graphic that tells about the business or it's products and services will enhance it's image. The colors used on the profile page can be coordinated with the background image to produce a very professional looking profile.

Take a look at our Twitter profile, @Entrehood, and see how we utilize the background image to show useful details about our website to visitors.

A Professional Bio

The Twitter bio should be used to provide information about the business. The information should include what the business does, what benefits it provides customers and a link to it's website. A good bio provides relevant information and maintains a friendly, conversational tone. It should express the advantages a visitor gains by following the business. The bio should be updated every six months.

Chapter 2: Your Followers

To Follow, or Not to Follow: That is the Question

Its important to follow and be followed by users who add value to the social networking experience. Choose people who are interesting and provide useful information related to the business. The associates made on Twitter are visible to everyone and may affect the business credibility. Removing spammers and users who display adult content will keep the profile from becoming cluttered with non-value added information. Be selective in who is followed. Some Twitter accounts are operated by robots. If the profile contains tweets mainly comprised of ads, quotes or retweets, they most likely will not add relevant content. The business should connect with people who will find the information it shares interesting, and who elicit ideas that are valuable to the business. Search for people who actively participate and strive to form relationships with them.

Search for Relevant Users

Twitter is equipped with a search function that allows members to find users tweeting relevant information. A search for terms related to the business or it's products and services will generate a list of users with similar interest. Those who appear frequently in the search results are typically users the business should follow. The search function also allows users to save frequently used search terms. Generating a list of frequent searches that produce relevant results can save time.

Chapter 3: Your Tweets

How to Engage Your Followers

A successful Twitter account will engage it's followers. This is accomplished by developing the right tone. Maintain a sense of humor but keep tweets business appropriate. Develop a positive voice that will encourage followers to interact. Post plenty of pictures and videos. People enjoy visual interaction, and studies have shown that people will more readily read content that includes pictures. Its also a great way to provide information, for example, a new way to use an existing product. The business should interact with it's followers and tweet at least twice a week. Reward followers who interact frequently or those who retweet the business posts with promotional specials such as freebies or discounts for products and services. Offer a Twitter only special by designating a code for a free item.

The Mighty Hashtage #

Twitter provides a number of tools that can help businesses locate appropriate followers as well as be found. Designating a hashtag or # symbol before a search term indicates a public discussion. Clicking on the symbol will return a list of relevant discussions on the topic. Twitter members will often use hashtags to organize Tweet-ups or meet-ups. Participating in these organized discussions is another way to find appropriate followers. The business can also organize a tweet-up to promote the business.

Chapter 4: Market and Gather Data

Publicize, Publicize, Publicize

Publicize the Twitter account to make it easy for people to follow. Include the username on business cards, websites, and in e-mail signatures. If the business maintains a blog, Twitter has a superb function that allows blog visitors to interact with a Twitter conversation. A tweet can be imbedded directly into the blog post, allowing both Twitter followers and blog readers to take part in the discussion.

Gather Data and Take Notes

The business should review the topics that have been tweeted on a regular basis, and take note of the ones that have generated the best response from followers. Tweets that have been marked as favorites, retweeted or have generated a great deal of discussion indicates the topics that in which followers are most interested. This will allow the business to assess which strategies are working best. Expand tweets to new topics to provide variety and evaluate the response of the audience. Maintaining frequent interaction with the Twitter community and providing information followers find beneficial are the most important aspects of building a strong Twitter presence.

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