Choosing the right parts...

Most RTR model cars and trucks come with a manufacturer simple radio usually in either AM or FM models. Although these are fine for those who are just starting out in the hobby at some point you may find that a better radio is in order. With the advances in technology a new radio has been on the market now that offers line-of-sight control with almost no signal loss or glitch-ing from stray signals, the Spectrum radio. The Spectrum radio uses the 2.4 gig radio band and when the transmitter is turned on, it actually searches for a free channel for your model so that there is no interference from other radios. This is a nice feature that should help eliminate the chance for a run-away model. Other radio manufacturers do offer the 2.4 gig module as an add on to their existing high end model of transmitters however Spectrum is an easy choice for hobbyists and racers too.

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Choosing a good steering servo.

The large scale RC models like the HPI baja 5B do come with a metal steering servo however the torque and speed are just not enough to stay in front of the car. We looked for a good servo that is strong and fast. We found the JR8711 brush less servo to be up to the task. The torque and speed of the servo is key to the performance of the baja 5B and so far in testing we are able to drive around a manhole cover in the street. This will translate into tighter cornering and better handling in all types of terrain. In order to fit the JR8711 servo to the baja 5B Gabe Brown Engineering created the GBE Pro Mount servo adapter and we include the billet servo arm. All mounting hardware is included but keep track of your servo mounting screws when you remove the old servo as you will need them to install the new GBE Pro Mount onto the radio tray.

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